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    Interesting article!

  3. Welcome back! project #mobileEDU back in action…

    Hard to believe summer is almost gone and classes start next week, Aug. 20th.  We took a bit of a break over the summer, some of us to present conference papers specific to this project, while others went into the field with their iPads and did some fantastic things with them in terms of supporting and enhancing their research efforts.  I was able to return to Rome, Italy for some teaching and site seeing after a 5 year hiatus.  

    We have some very exciting things coming this year with IPFW’s project #mobileEDU project as we continue to explore how mobility can transform and support teaching, learning and research.  

    We begin by kicking off 2 new iPad cohorts tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 17th).  We will be welcoming nearly 30 more faculty into a third faculty cohort, this one focused on 100 level, freshman gate-way courses.  

    Also, joining the project will be 30 academically high-raking students who, like the faculty will be looking at the iPad and mobile computing in learning from their perspective.  I can’t wait to see what these two groups come up with!

    So stay tuned—we have some exciting things in store!

    And welcome back!

    Samantha Birk
    Associate Director for Instructional Technologies
    project #mobileEDU project coordinator 

  4. Tech-Trends in Education

    Last week, the excellent blog Mind/Shift posted its 12 Education Tech Trends to Watch in 2012.  IPads aren’t listed, but mobile devices and a “bring your own device” trend took the top spots.  Almost all of the other items are areas where new research is needed.  Browse the list to see what sparks your interest; any of these topics could be the foundation for iPad projects on campus!I highly recommend that you add Mind/Shift to your feed reader, Flipboard, or other online reading routine.  If you need help getting a reader set up, just ask other cohort members or Beth Overhauser, the library’s coordinator for emerging technologies.

  5. Surely this is something we all need to keep in mind…


    "Books will soon be obsolete in the schools…. Our school system will be completely changed in 10 years."  Thomas Edison, 1913

  6. Professor’s Classroom iPad App Debuts at Consumer Electronics Show

    January 10, 2012
    Professor’s Classroom iPad App Debuts at Consumer Electronics Show

    A professor from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is trying to turn the iPad into a new kind of classroom tool that lets students draw on a shared canvas.

  7. The Chronicle blog…Casting out Nine & the iPad

    Afternoon all!

    Yesterday a posting on the blog, Casting Out Nines with The Chronicle, came about about the iPad and what the author found after 3 weeks with the iPad.  You might find it interesting.  

    After reading the blog several folks felt that perhaps some of our experiences with the iPad should be shared….and you are welcome to add your own if you would like.


  8. Anonymous said: I just discovered that Stanford has put the latest version of their iPad and iPhone Application Development course on iTunes, and it's freely available. The course covers the basics and much more, and has been updated to iOS 5. I've read a number of books on iOS programming, but this is better than any of them.

    Yes!  This is an excellent resource!

  9. Nice work guys!  

  10. iPads on the Bandstand

    If you attended the Chancellor’s Reception in the new Walb Ballroom on Sunday, you would have seen two mobileEDU members using iPads while playing jazz.

    My (Chris Rutkowski) rig used iTeleport on the iPad as a remote desktop for the Mac Mini running Ivory, a software piano.  That allowed me to shrink my gear by not having to drag along a video monitor, QWERTY keyboard and mouse.

    [photo 1]

    Ken Johnson ran his guitar through Amplitube on the iPad, which is a guitar tone processor, adding reverb, delay, distortion and classic amp models.

    [picture 2]